Bobby's most recent position against fracking in New York

Here is what Kate Hudson, Bobby Kennedy's Watershed Program Director and attorney, sent to me yesterday after our telephone conversation.

The subject of the email is: "Bobby's most recent position against fracking in New York"

Drillers Got Inside Track on N.Y. Fracking Rules

Washington, D.C. – New York regulators granted natural gas industry representatives exclusive access to shale gas drilling regulations as early as six weeks before they were made public, according to documents obtained by Environmental Working Group through requests filed under the New York state Freedom of Information Law.
Inside Track

Trailer Park Evicted to Make Room for Fracking

When the 32 families of the Riverdale Mobile Home Park in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, found out that they were losing their homes to the state's latest fracking operation, the news didn't come from their landlord, or an eviction notice in the mail—they read about it in their morning paper.
The February 18 article, published in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, nonchalantly detailed the approval of three natural gas projects in Lycoming County, PA, including a water withdrawal station that would pipe millions of gallons of water from the Susquehanna River to fracking stations in the mountains further north. The article noted that an "added benefit" of the plans was "the removal of mobile homes," which were located in a potential flood plain.

Ban Fracking Statewide Call In Day To Governor Cuomo

I would like to formally invite you to this event. Call Governor Cuomo at 1-866-584-6799.
It only takes a few minutes of your time and really lets be honest, can we honestly say there will be no impacts from fracking whether it be environmental or health. No! So please do what you can to attend, all you need is your phone and computer and also please use the share link to share this with your family and friends. Thank you much.

Governor Cuomo Would Like to Permit Horizontal Fracking in New York Using a Divide and Conquer Strategy


I write to thank the more than 2,350 signatories to the new coalition letter which requests that Governor Cuomo: a) withhold permitting for any horizontal hydraulic fracturing "demonstration project" in the Southern Tier or anywhere else in New York and b) fulfill the mandates of Executive Order No. 41 without further delay.